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Tactic: Collect at minimum, 1 Treatment Plant, 1 or 2 Processing Plant(s), and Central Reservoir


Collect the Solar Station to help take control of the facilities but is not needed to be kept once we have all our water plants. We could try to take the munitions plant and then drop the solar plant altogether.


Stages and Timers

Stage 1: Water Treatment Centers, Water Processing Plants, Solar Stations, and Abandoned Helipad - 12 minutes in (45 Minutes remaining)

Stage 2: Central Reservoir, Munitions Factory, and Dev Compound - 9 minutes later (36 minutes remaining)

Stage 3: Water Tanks randomly appear - 16 minutes remaining additional tanks appear


Solo Water Points (Does not Contribute to Alliance Water)

  • Every 10,000 power of enemy troops killed while defending a building earns 40 Solo Purified Water

  • Every 10,000 power of enemy troops killed while attacking a building earns 80 Solo Purified Water




At the start of the Raid, 3 Groups consisting of the 3 of the highest-powered players immediately port to the nearest Treatment Plant and 2 nearest processing plants. They will immediately launch solo attacks on the plants to quickly seize the building. The 4th group of 3 players will take the Solar Plant. All other players in the Raid stay in the “staging” zone and send troops in long-range marches to support the buildings that were just taken. The enemy cannot attack their HQ’s if they stay in the staging zone.


Once the Treatment Plant and Processing Plants are under control (3 minutes), The top players can promote a higher-level support player to lead the water plant. This way the leader of the occupied building will have their HQs protected from enemy attacks and save their troops. The higher-level players that ported in can either pull back to the staging zone or stay in place till the Central Reservoir opens. or depending on the time they can take the central reservoir.


Once the treatment plant, processing plant, and central reservoir are under control. Players will pull back to the staging area once they ensure a support player is promoted to lead. Once the high-level player is in the staging zone and able to garrison at their respective buildings, be promoted back to the lead for rally capacity and benefits the others will get.


We only need to take and hold the middle, 1 treatment plant and at least 1 processing plant, but ideally 2 processing plants. The other team cannot earn enough points to win if we can keep these. We don’t need to waste troops trying to take or hold other areas. It would be more beneficial to hold these 4 facilities and then stage rallies against the enemy’s weakest players moving up through their ranks. Avoiding their toughest players altogether.


Additionally, players need to turn on their 24-hour gathering buff and collect water from the water tanks that spawn around the map. We can earn tons of water from those smaller tanks.  


The key is to keep as many people in the staging zone as possible. Once we have our plants, we can form rallies to take out the other team’s smallest players to kill all their troops. This prevents them from having support or forces to take our facilities. The smaller players are also less likely to have the biocaps and speedups the higher-level players would have. We don’t need to kill the highest-powered players. We just need to kill enough of their troops that they can’t be supported by their other players.  

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