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Network Architect and CyberSecurity Expert

Information Technology is a high-demand industry. This can cover anything from a programmer, web developer, technical writer, network engineer, systems engineer, database administrator, security specialist, and so many other levels of technical experience a person will have tends to depend upon their working experience, training, and personal studies. Many smaller businesses do not have an environment that would fuel expert level IT staff. The larger companies that have dedicated IT budgets to pay for specialists that are experts in a single area such as programming, databases, and systems.


In these larger companies, IT groups are able to become specialized in their area and have many other peers to work with and learn from. They also get to work with some of the latest and greatest technology and with the help of many other peers and co-workers to grow from they become indispensable to the organization. In smaller companies, the IT person tends to cover many technology fields and is limited to their growth due to the lack of peer support and the ability to innovate new solutions. This does not make them less capable, just leaves them without the critical experience and learning abilities that others will be given.


What makes an IT consulting company great for all company sizes is that it gives smaller companies that do not have the budget for a full-time onsite IT staff for each area of technology they support. They miss out on some of the latest innovations and because of this, they are left with a network that has many problems that could lead to security breaches and ineffective processing of files or data.


We are that stop-gap. We can provide an outside eye to an experienced team to review or consult with for new projects. We can provide a diagnosis of problems and provide solutions to complex problems with long term growth built into the design. We can also come in and help rebuild an entire network from the ground up if necessary to ensure that a business’s security, clients, and customers are well managed.

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