Data is precious. Data is powerful. Data is life changing... Losing our data is devastating!

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Data Recovery Services 

The failure of a drive to function, corrupted files, or the inability to retrieve files from a hard drive, thumb drive, cell phone, or some other device can be a plague to businesses, disaster to a student, or devastation to a person losing a lifetime worth of family photos and other critical documents.  
For businesses of any size, a data backup plan should be an integral part of any IT solution. This, however, is one of the most commonly missed technology designs in a business. There are a few parts that should account a businesses continuity planning. The actual data plan should include data stored in two physically different locations. Ideally, this would be in different buildings or physical sites, however having at least two different backup servers in the same building would be the very minimum. 
The innovations with cloud services make cloud storage options ideal for many businesses. The high cost of hard drive space, servers, and software for data replications, as well as the staff that is able to configure those backup services, must all be taken into account when dealing with onsite backup storage. 
The benefit of a cloud provider is they have built-in security that is enterprise level, top end SAN servers, expandable hard drive space so you pay for what you use instead of purchasing excessive amounts to a plan for growth. All of this is done with proven software for the backup processes. 

Hard Drive Recovery

There are times that even best planned backup systems or the unfortunate times when we are not so lucky to have a separate backup service available that a hard drive fails. Many home users do not have a secondary back up services or systems to help maintain redundant copies of their data. A college student nearing the end of their degree plan would be devastated to lose their hard drive that contained their thesis or another final paper.
What about losing years of family photos, legal documents, music libraries, and other data we find sensitive. The simple truth is many times that data is not actually lost. It is most often very recoverable. ​

We specialize in Data Recovery!!

The simple truth is often times data is not actually lost. It is often difficult to find due to how a hard drive functions. The very basics of how this will function are when you "delete" a file, that hard drive just marks that data as "open". The file is still there, but the hard drive now knows that it can remove those files and replace it with new data if needed.
So in the event that a hard drive suddenly becomes "unreadable", the good thing is it is highly likely that all the data that was on the drive is still there. Accessing that data can be difficult, but it is often able to be done. We simply find the data that has been marked as "open" and turn it back on. Often times some of the files may have portions of the data overwritten so we can do some processes to rebuild those files.  
The good news in all of this is you are not without hope of losing your data. If you do run into issues where your data has been "lost". Just contact us and we will help resolve your issues. Easing that stress and fears of what happens when we lose sensitive data.