Why hire a Network Security Consultant?

Do you operate in a business that has compliance requirements that are mandated for operation?

Do you know what your firewall rules are doing for you or letting through to your network? What is your review process for you network.

How many systems, and services do you use and how many vendors are you managing? Do you have a good handle on all of your technology spend/bills?

Have you had a vulnerability scan or penetration test done to ensure your network is safe from attackers?

We source and recommend the best options for your voice, network, cloud, and connectivity needs.

Advantages to Using a Tech Consultant


  • We’re with you throughout your entire technology lifecycle. Let us help with pieces of your technology infrastructure or the entire environment. We can advise, bring in the right technical support and experts to diagnose, design and build new technologies to streamline, build efficiencies and help you grow.

  • We can consolidate the vendors you work with to save money and time with expert knowledge in the IT field

  • Rely on a 3rd party such as ourselves to provide you your regulatory penetration test and vulnerability scans

  • We can help create or review your cybersecurity risk assessment based on working with industry standards as well as leading-edge innovations.

  • We give you more time back into your life and security to your business!

Cybersecurity includes laptp, desktops, mobile phones, VoIP, and so many other everyday items


  • Unlike full-time or contract workers we can come in for a day or months as you need.

  • Why spend your time obtaining quotes from multiple vendors for various technologies when we
    can do that for you?

Get the Speed and Reliability You Need

No matter the requirements, business locations and/or remote
employees we have service providers to address all your
network, infrastructure, and business needs. From managed cloud
and infrastructure services, to connectivity, phone systems,
collaboration, mobility services, and network design.


From the world’s largest carriers with networks across the globe to
more specialized carriers that serve rural areas we assist by
identifying what will work in your area and present specific options
based on outcomes and what you hope to achieve.


You’ll benefit from a single partnership to handle the solution and
vendor sourcing, order processing and post-sales support to achieve
the best user experience.