Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is a process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. This information is used in providing the organization that is getting the assessment with the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risks associated with their digital landscape to make an informed decision on actions that should be taken to further secure their network.


A vulnerability assessment process that is intended to identify threats and the risks they pose typically involves the use of automated testing tools, such as network security scanners, whose results are listed in a vulnerability assessment report. These security vulnerabilities can enable hackers to access IT systems and applications. It is essential for enterprises to identify and remediate weaknesses before they can be exploited. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment along with a management program can help companies improve the security of their systems.

How InnovationND Does it Different


External Testing

Our process begins by testing your company's external networks with a combination of automated sweeps and detailed manual testing performed security experts to detect known issues. We also utilize a broad base of tools and techniques to scan for information available on the internet that can help locate issues others would not get with their targeted scans. This process of automated and manual testing helps us to reduce false positives, provide information on complex and otherwise obscure vulnerabilities that could be missed. 

Internal Testing

We have created a smooth process that allows us to test our customer's internal networks regardless of where their offices are at some of the lowest costs due to our LAN pairing process. We work together with our clients to create a dynamic link between your network and our highly restricted pentest lab. This way we can do an internal scan to systems and resources the same as if we were on site. This reduces our overall costs by saving on travel, time to get local site clearance and other cost-prohibitive options. This process allows our scans to be as effective as possible and saves time by reducing processes and time limitations that are present in onsite visits. 

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Network Architecture Review

We have a comprehensive background in network architecture and securities. This is a benefit to our clients as we can review the companies overall network set up to help identify weaknesses or areas of concern that existing in the environment based on the overall design. Most companies are regulated by various compliance regulations and these guidelines have requirements for networks to be designed a specific way. This is not something that a scanner or other penetration test tool will identify. This also requires a certain level of expertise to identify faults and issues that in a setup that can only be done with visual inspection and understanding of multiple specialty IT areas.

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