We are here to provide complete network security and architecture solutions to businesses of all sorts. There is a dynamic change in the way network and cybersecurity requirements increased. The more our lives move to smart devices and digital services, the more threats we are faced with. 

It is a fact that there are hostile countries and hostile entities that constantly probe for sites with weaknesses that can be exploited. This can be done subtly or aggressively. Some of these probes can turn into attacks and quite often go unnoticed by the company being targetted. These attacks can go on for months or longer where the attacker can have direct access to a company network.

Organizations that fall under regulatory compliance restrictions are mandated to have audits done periodically. The course of these audits, at times, requires a 3rd party penetration test to occur. We can provide that and more. Our mission is safety and safeguards for a business's complete network infrastructure. During our vulnerability scan or penetration test, we will also gather data that will help error points in the network, applications flow, network diagrams and guidance can be given to improve the overall network security of the environment. 

There is no single answer to what a company will need. Some offices will need a HIPAA or PCI compliance audit item to be resolved, and others require a complete redesign. That design process can be a complex task that we can help simplify. We are experts in network security and architecture and can help provide some guidance, if desired, to how a network can best be improved so that your IT staff will have a blueprint for future growth and development.

The changing security needs of companies require that their network and application infrastructure is secure and protected. Many companies are required to fall under different compliance specifications and are unaware of the issues they have in their network. We provide a thorough penetration testing platform that will provide the information needed to acquire that compliance specification. 

Complete CyberSecurity and Network Architectural Solutions

World as a Globe to represent a corporatios global offices networked together.

Penetration Test

          Our company has expert knowledge of managing global networks. Providing robust solutions for organizations with tens of thousands of employees that span multiple countries. 

          We perform penetration tests to organizations small to large. These tests are done to give companies the ability to see the vulnerabilities and weaknesses necessary to remedy for various compliance requirements for industry standards. These tests are done with both automated tools and manual testing. 

          Through the use of ethical hacking practices we can simulate the methods that an attacker could use to footprint, analyze, and attack an agency. These reports are provided along with recommendations for remediation.


CyberSecurity Risk Assessment

            A CyberSecurity Risk assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating various risks with information assets such as, hardware, systems, networks, customer data, and intellectual property, that could be affected by a cyber attack.

            A risk assessment is done to inform you of the CyberSecurity risks that should have a priority concern or minimal concern to avoid wasting time, effort and resources on issues that have little impact while leaving other major issues vulnerable to attack.


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Industry IT Compliance

            Healthcare, Retail, Education, Government, and everything in between have increasing needs of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are needed to be identified to protect against all the threats. If IT infrastructure is not configured properly there can be HIPAA, FISMA, and PCI Compliance issues that can lead to costly damages if not handled properly. 
          A violation of compliance regulations can lead to avoidable financial penalties, loss of customer trust, reputation damages, or even legal liability. Many organizations lack the IT resources to effectively manage branch locations and a central office. We can provide innovative solutions to your audit list to solve all your issues for current and near future growth. 

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IT Support, Network Support, Network Consulant, wireless help at the office, network problems at work, network issues need help
IT Support, Network Support, Network Consulant, wireless help at the office, network problems at work, network issues need help

1. Network Architecture Review

2. Penetration and Vulnerability Scan

3. CyberSecurity Risk Management

Penetration Tests and Network Security

  • Review each business for their own IT needs

  • Analyze existing Network Design and Mapping

  • Provide In-Depth Analysis of Network and IT setup

  • Provide Configurations for Router and Switches for ease of deployment

  • Perform Penetration Test and Vulnerability Scan's for corporate compliance regulations

  • Create a Threat Model based on a company's business

  • Perform CyberSecurity Risk Assessments for both Logical and Physical Security

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