We ​have the tools and products to support your business

We have the tools necessary to support your business with all the equipment needed. We can provide circuits, network gear, and cabling that is essential for your business network to evolve. This may be new equipment or some cabling. Whatever we need to do to get your network to an smoothly working entity we can assist with supplying that gear at competitive prices.


Network Circuits.

A business is only as efficient as the network circuits that they have supporting their organization. A circuit that is poorly sized will not be able to sustain all the ​network activity. This could cause slows in the network or it could bring down the entire network. A slow circuit could mean the difference in a seamless video call or a glitchy presentation. Equally a circuit that's too big will cost the company more money than necessary.


Network Equipment.

Having a router or switch is not the same as having the correct router or switch. Many times over the type of hardware provided from a Internet Service Provider is not sized properly to handle the volume and needs of an organization. We can assess your network and all the services you are using to help you purchase a network device that is not under or oversized for your networking needs.


Copper and Fiber Cabling.

Network cabling is a staple for all offices of any size. Whether it be for connecting users to your network, or connecting new appliances to the network. Cabling is a requirement. We can get you cabling for copper or fiber. We have all types be it from SIngle-Mode or Multi-Mode fiber. We have conector types from SC, ST, or LC. Regardless of your needs we have you covered. 


Managed Firewall Services.

Network security is a growing concern. With network breaches targeting fortune 500 companies are becoming for frequently published in news reports. Yahoo, Equifax, and other companies have been targeted. The fact is that there are local and foreign actors that have tools that constantly check for weaknesses in most all networks.

Having a standard wireless router as the primary entry point to a network is not sufficient. The technical skill set to manage a firewall at a site requires special training. This burden can be offloaded from a business and managed by a 3rd party. This will help provide improved security to a network through trained and qualified staff without the IT cost spending necessary for a new employee.