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Who are we?


Innovation Network Design is founded on a simple principle of being able to provide reliable, comprehensive, and scalable network infrastructure designs for all sizes of networks. We have had experience working with networks of all types, all sizes, and had a fair share of experience with all the issues that come with networks that have gone through various stages of growth.


Networks that are pieced together from department stores appliances or have a seasoned professional network team with enterprise-level gear all stand to have their networks reviewed by an outside party. Many companies do not have a need for a senior network architect that can develop innovative solutions. Their team of network engineers is excellent but having that extra help for advancements in IT can be a critical game-changer.


Our team will come in and take a physical look at our customer's network. We will be able to assess the logical structure of the network and look for issues that could lead to redundancy or scalability issues. We specialize in cybersecurity and data forensics. This is especially important as we can help identify the security holes that are in your network and how best to fix those with either the equipment available on hand or properly sized for each individual company.


We have had experience in managing worldwide networks. This includes connecting data centers between multiple countries and multiple continents. Additionally, we have worked with small site branch offices and residential homes to ensure that the network composition is scaled properly to fit all needs.




Professional Services

  • 15+ years of experience

  • Global consultants

  • A strict code of ethics

  • Professional

  • IT Risk Assessments

  • Perform Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans

  • Provide full network design plans

  • Initial network gear configuration

  • Continued management of network infrastructure

  • Partnered with Professional Leading providers in various technologies



Innovation Network Design was created to provide professional consultancy services to fill that gap in IT support that many companies need without the need or resources for a full-time network architect. The owners had previously worked for major corporate organizations and had witnessed countless IT companies providing relatively low experience in network functions while charging excessively high fees to their clients. This would often leave the customer with a false sense of security and assurance in their network. We are here to break that model apart. We will provide an accurate assessment of your network status, provide honest costs, and deliver excellence.

Finally, our business was founded by a Christian, Husband, Father, and military veteran. We have our roots in a deep ethical foundation. There is always special consideration reduction to religious organizations (of any faith), non-profits, and other veteran-owned businesses. We do not discriminate on anyone, but ready to support and empower your business to achieve security or growth however we can. We are here to support our community (near or far) in any way we best can.  


We look forward to hearing from you.


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Based out of Cedar Park, TX
Proudly Serving our Local Austin and surrounding area as well as companies around the country.
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