CyberOne Email Security and Phishing Defense

Simple. Powerful. Automated.

Protect your organization from malicious and unwanted emails with our cutting-edge AI and interactive email banners, ensuring your workplace remains safe from phishing threats and spam.

Introduction to CyberOne Phishing Defense.

Our platform is the world's first automated phishing defense system that effectively protects your organization from sophisticated cybercriminals. These attackers often pose as trusted contacts, using emails laced with ransomware, fileless malware, and other threats aimed at tricking your employees into exposing critical information or activating malware.

Understanding Phishing and Its Impact.

Phishing attacks are the starting point for 91% of cyberattacks, with 99.7% of document-based malware campaigns relying on social engineering. Despite advances in technology, sophisticated phishing schemes often bypass conventional filters provided by services like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. However, our advanced AI-driven system is designed to recognize and block these threats effectively.

How CyberOne Works

Our platform requires no additional hardware or software downloads and is cloud API-ready for quick deployment. It enhances your defense against cyber threats by:

  • Analyzing: Building trusted profiles based on your employees’ communication patterns.
  • Scanning: Detecting anomalies in message content and attachments compared to trusted profiles.
  • Learning: Adapting through continuous interaction and feedback, becoming smarter and more robust against new threats.

Comprehensive Email Threat Protection

CyberOne provides extensive protection against all forms of email-borne threats:

  • Advanced Threat Detection: Stops ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeovers (ATO), and other sophisticated attacks.
  • Deployment Ease: Activates in just three clicks, seamlessly integrating into your existing systems.
  • Automated Defense and Alerts: Offers real-time threat alerts, automated quarantine, and streamlined investigations, reducing the burden on IT administrators.


Phishing Education and Awareness

Gain insight into the tactics used by cybercriminals and learn how to defend against them. Understand the signs of phishing, from spear-phishing targeting specific individuals to broader strategies like brand impersonation and social engineering.


User-Centered Features

  • Personal Spam Filter: Allows individual users to tailor spam filtering to their preferences with just one click.
  • Interactive Warning Banners: Help users identify and handle suspicious emails effectively by explaining potential risks and providing simple, safe action options.

Innovations in Email Security

We continuously advance our email security technologies to provide your organization with state-of-the-art defense capabilities. Our system is built to handle the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, ensuring you stay ahead of attackers.

The Importance of Vigilance

Phishing remains a significant threat to all organizations, regardless of size. With the right tools and knowledge, you can effectively safeguard your business against these pervasive attacks. Our platform is designed not only to protect but also to educate your team, making them a robust first line of defense.

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