We provide a number of services to our customers. Our primary mission is consultation of a customers network both physical and logical. We are here to ensure you the highest quality network solutions available. Our goal is to give you a detailed map of where your network is, where we should take it, and the process to get you there. We can work remotely to assist any network world wide. Distance is a limitation of the past. If you have issues in your network or if you just want to ensure your network is to industry standard we are here to help you. If you have a small home office or a world wide network we have the ability to support you enterprise.

Professional Network Consultation

Our primary focus is to provide customers the highest level level of network consultation experience by creating an innovative network design that will not only identify any known or suspect issues, but will also find the unknown issue that is likely causing slows in the network. 

Additionally we will review everything from your internet circuit, to server setup, down to your user's desktop. We can have many methods of reducing your overall IT budget, improving security, and ensuring you have a smooth running network.

Network Device Configuration and Configuration Assistance

For many of our customers the issues to why the networks are not at the top shape is they lack the skills or support to deploy configurations on network devices that will optimize the processes necessary to have a smooth running network. 

Additionally we have many clients that have skilled network engineering team that are more than capable of many tasks, but there are occasional projects that may require a higher level of network architecture support to properly plan the project

Data Forensics

Networks of all sizes run into issues in their network. This can cause degradation in the speed of their network, or cause traffic to fail when processing critical applications. These issues can be difficult to find and understand the cause of the issues. 

A common tool that can be utilized is to do a packet capture to analyze the data as it comes across the network in its raw form. We have multiple tools that assist with our packet capture analysis. We even deploy AI grade applications that can correlate logs, packet captures, and other data to zero in on issues quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Storage and Backup

Data Storage and backup options needs to be a primary concern and consideration for most any business model. Many businesses depend on local servers that are onsite to store all their data. The issue with this model is that the cost of upgrading servers, buying new hard drives, having staff to manage the servers becomes costly.

Securely store sensitive data while also protecting against disasters and ensuring business continuity. Customers expect to have their data readily available and cloud solutions helps mitigate the risk of any downtime or data loss with a high level of redundancy and backup. Plus, firms eliminate the cost of upgrading and maintaining hardware. 

Managed Services Firewall, Router, Desktop Services

The cost of IT support is consistently increasing as the needs of more advanced servers, applications, and storage space is required. This can put a heavy strain on many businesses. Some companies do not have the budget for in-house IT support staff and a 3rd party IT company becomes increasingly costly when new hardware is purchased. The costs of purchase, installation, power and cooling for running them, software upgrades, and more.

We will help you determine the best model for your company. Some tasks/services we can move to the cloud and others can stay in-house. We will help you find the best setup to get your business the best IT design for your organization.

Penetration Test and Vulnerability Scan

Penetration testing includes components of application vulnerability assessment, host vulnerability assessment, and security best practices. This type of test can be performed with or without detailed prior knowledge of the environment. 


When it is performed without prior knowledge additional steps will be taken to enumerate hosts and applications and to assess the ease with which any outsider could exploit publicly available information or social engineering to gain unauthorized access.

An attack and penetration test will answer questions like:

  • How vulnerable is the network, host, and application(s) to attacks from the internet or intranet?

  • Can an intruder obtain unauthorized access to critical resources?

  • Are social engineering techniques effective?

  • Are operational controls effective?

  • Locally exploitable vulnerabilities

  • Patch levels (OS and Apps)

  • Access rights

  • Default Passwords unchanged

  • Old accounts not removed

  • Operating System Firewalls disabled

  • Security best practices